Web Administrator's Guide
Monday, September 27, 2021

How secure is the information on my web site?

All of the information you enter on your web site including content in pages and panels, people records, store items, etc. is stored at a top tier data center in a database, which is closed off from public access, on a server with a firewall.  Any content which you have made available to guest level users is always publicly available to anyone browsing the Web.
Orders you place with us, order placed through your store, and the submission of site registration forms and site login are all done over a 128-bit encrypted secure connection.  You can verify the secure connection by checking the address bar of your browser to see that the "https" protocol is shown as opposed to the more common "http" as well as locating the lock icon which appears as a lock icon to the right of the address bar in Internet Explorer, at the bottom right of the browser window in Firefox, and at the top right of the browser window in Safari.

It is important to note that the security mentioned does not apply to forms you create on your site.  While we allow you to use our secure connection for the submission of the forms [see forms article for more info], however, because such forms are transmitted through email, there are too many places where the security can fail once the form data leaves the server.  It is unsafe to request any type of highly private or sensitive information in a form on your website that is transmitted without a secure connection or through email.

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