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Sunday, June 23, 2024

How do I add a Flash file to my site?

Adding a Flash file to your web site is a two-step process, just like adding a photo or illustration.

Step one:
  • Create or obtain the Flash file (.swf).  There are multiple ways to create or obtain a Flash file.  Options include purchasing Adobe Flash or another application that creates .swf files, purchasing a Flash file online or hiring someone with Flash experience to build the file for you.  You may also consider locating a volunteer from within your organization who has experience with Flash to create the file for you. 
  • Once you have the .swf file you are ready to move on to step two below.
Step two:
  • Open the page you want to add the Flash file to and insert your cursor at the point in the content area where you want the file to appear. 
  • Click the Insert/Edit Flash button on the toolbar.  
  • Locate the Flash file and enter the desired width and/or height dimensions.  Click the My Files button if you need to upload or find a file you've already uploaded.
    Flash Properties dialog box illustration
  • Use the preview area to determine if your settings are correct. 
  • Use the Advanced tab to set additional options. 
    Flash dialog box advanced tab illustration
  • Click OK and then save your page.  The Flash file will not play within the editor, you must preview the page to view the file.
**Note - there are two types of Flash files: .swf and .flv.  The .swf file format is most often used for small short clips and the .flv format is most often used for larger or longer "movies".  You can only place .swf files directly on your page.  The .flv format must be embedded inside of a .swf or .html file in order to be displayed on your site.  You can only insert a .swf directly onto your page using the instructions above.  If the .flv file is embedded in an .html document, you must link to it from your page instead.
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*NOTE* you should not upload or embed any media - audio or video - on your site if you do not own the copyright (or are unsure if you do). We would encourage you to seek legal counsel regarding your rights to put media files on your site if you are unsure of copyright ownership. This note does not apply to embedding videos that have been shared publicly on sites like E-zekiel.tv and Youtube.